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LS&L offers sound reinforcement services for events large and small utilizing the right equipment, personnel and design for your event.  We utilize equipment from Electro-Voice, McCauley, Danley Sound Labs, Eastern Audio Works, Bag End, Radian, QSC, Midas, Allen & Heath and more. For larger events we utilize both line arrays and/or point source systems depending on the needs of our customers.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding sound and service to our customers, their audiences, and artists. Our mid to large systems include McCauley Monarch line arrays, and point source solutions from Danley, EAW, Electro-Voice and Bag End. We also offer smaller rentals utilizing Electro-Voice and QSC products.


LS&L offers event lighting, designed to accompany our 30ft x 30ft and smaller stages. We utilize lighting equipment from Luxium (based in Portland), Martin, Chauvet, Chamsys and others. Our lighting team can help take your event to the next level.

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LS&L offers stage solutions from BillJax utilizing modular stage decks that can be configured for your event. We also offer stage roof systems and outdoor Celina tent solutions designed for any season.


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Live Sound & Light LLC was formed in 2014 by Waylon Pickett and Paul Kincaid. Waylon engineered for an earlier iteration of LS&L in the late 1990s and early 2000’s when the company was owned by Doug Looney. He is also the co-owner of both the Old World Deli and Oregon Trail Brewery. Paul has been providing the Willamette Valley and beyond with audio engineering services for nearly two decades now.

Sharing a common illness that causes them to relentlessly acquire audio equipment and work long hours, Waylon and Paul joined forces to create the latest iteration of Live Sound & Light, humbly serving the community’s live event needs.


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